ABC7 reporter gives inside look at Harvey flooding in Texas

HOUSTON (KGO) -- ABC7 News Reporter Laura Anthony made her way to Houston to help shoulder some of the reporting duties for our sister station KTRK, enabling their reporters to tend to their families and homes.

Laura traveled with a convoy of boats heading to neighborhoods where rescues were needed.

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The scene in Richmond, Texas near Houston was playing out across the region. Some of the residents there may have been resting easy until Monday, when flood waters reached them.

Entire families had to be rescued from some areas, including small children and pets. They were only able to salvage what they could carry on their backs, or in bags.

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"I've seen people freaking out. They want to go out because they see the water going down. Yesterday, they didn't want to come out because it was pretty high. So, today when the water went down, they're bringing their kids and their families. They know it's gonna get worse," rescuer J.J. Morales said. He believes a reservoir in the area is going to cause even more trouble for the area. "The reservoir we have has two exits, and now they say that the reservoir, one of the portions of the reservoir overflowed as they let water out, it ain't got nowhere to go so it comes this way," he said.

Morales says the people will stick together in the face of the devastation.

"We ain't got nowhere to go. We're stranded on the roads, we might as well stay here," he said.

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