Vallejo residents warned about mosquito problem

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Our plentiful rainfall over the summer has brought a lot of mosquitoes in Vallejo, so residents are being warned to take precautions to help get rid of the problem. (KGO-TV)

Our plentiful rainfall over the summer has brought some unwelcome consequences - mosquitoes and it's pretty bad in Vallejo.

Firefighters said they're starting to feel under attack. They have been wearing their long-sleeved yellow jackets most of the time to keep the mosquitoes off of them.

They're also warning people who live in the city about the problem and advising them to get rid of all standing water around their homes or in gutters to help aid in the issue of decreasing the mosquito problem.

In addition to clearing standing water, you can also use mosquito fish and frogs in water features at home to act as a natural defense against mosquitoes.

The first human West Nile virus case of the year in California was reported last week, in Kings County.
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