Windsor mayor responds after multiple women accuse him of sexual assault

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Sunday, April 11, 2021
Windsor mayor releases statement after sexual assault claims
Calls for Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli's resignation increases after multiple sexual assault claims. He has since released a statement, denying all claims.

WINDSOR, Calif. (KGO) -- Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli released a statement Saturday in response to allegations that he sexually assaulted multiple women.

The statement reads, in part:

"I believe anyone who believes they have been victimized should have the opportunity to be heard and I didn't want to cloud my accusers' stories with an immediate response and therefore decided to give them time to be heard. But now is the appropriate time for me to address this matter: I am completely innocent of the conduct alleged and have not violated any of these women."

Original story as follows:

New developments in the case involving embattled Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli. Published reports have detailed multiple allegations of sexual assault against Foppoli from four women. One of those women spoke to ABC7 News.

A rally was held Friday afternoon in Windsor, about 45 people were calling for Mayor Foppoli, 38, to resign.

Calls for Windsor Mayor Dominic Foppoli's resignation increases after multiple sexual assault claims. And he replied to ABC7 regarding these allegations.

"I feel like speaking out is important," said Sophia Williams.

Williams is speaking out about an alleged incident back in 2006, involving Dominic Foppoli, who years later would be elected mayor of Windsor. Williams says the two had been out dancing and drinking with friends and shared a cab ride home.

She says the cab took them to Foppoli's house.

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"He was like, let's sleep here, sober up. I'll take you home in the morning, no problem," said Williams.

Williams said she was promised a separate bedroom, but soon found she wasn't alone.

"I said no Dominic, we're not doing this. He was scooting closer to me. I was against the wall. He was rubbing his groin against me, his hands down my pants," she added.

Williams says she broke free, locked herself in the bathroom and called a friend for a ride.

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She is one of four women, detailing allegations of sexual assault to the San Francisco Chronicle over a 16 year period against Foppoli. None of the women have filed police reports. The Sonoma County Sheriff 's Department has opened an investigation into the claims.

"Victims will be treated with respect. They are brave to come forward we want to make sure they are provided the services they deserve," said Sheriff Mark Essick.

"He does not belong in office, he has no moral credibility to stand on," said Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins.

Calls for Foppoli's resignation are getting louder. Tweets from state and local officials and a letter signed by eight mayors in Sonoma County are all calling for the mayor's resignation.

Mayor Foppoli declined to be interviewed Friday, but texted ABC7 News reporter Cornell Barnard.

"I am refuting all of the allegations," said Foppoli.