Measure R rent control big issue for Burlingame voters

BURLINGAME, Calif. (KGO) -- In this election, residents of a small but upscale Burlingame will decide whether to have rent control.

on the one side a well funded campaign to defeat proposition "r" ... on the other, a grass roots effort inspired by the death of an elderly renter who was being kicked out of her home

The death of 97-year-old Burlingame renter Marie Hatch, who was being evicted from a home she had occupied for 60 years helped fuel Prop R. Organizers of this grass roots campaign gathered more than the required signatures to put it on the ballot.

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"Over 3,500 signatures which interestingly enough is more signatures than many of our city council members received votes," said Kristen Parks, the Yes on Measure R spokesperson.

There's been a lot of money spent on the campaign for tiny but wealthy Burlingame - more than $100,000, most of it from opponents, namely realtors, business and property owners.

"We think it's really unfair to saddle mom and pop property owners, which is the majority of rental property
owners here in Burlingame and San Mateo County," Laura Teutschel, the No on Measure R spopkesperson.

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Prop R would establish rent stabilization, just cause evictions requiring relocation assistance and restricting evictions for older longtime tenants. A housing commission could set rents and levy fines.

"You're going to have restrictions on property owners to evict any tenants that are problematic," explained Sia Glafkides, a No on Measure R volunteer.

"We would like to afford to live here like everyone else. We're not asking for a lot," Christine Deutsch, a Yes on Measure R voter.

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