Hear from San Francisco hotel worker who called 911 after seeing ex-49er Bruce Miller bloody from alleged assault

Byby Sergio Quintana KGO logo
Monday, September 5, 2016
Hotel worker says Bruce Miller bloody, stumbling after alleged SF assault
A Travelodge worker says former San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller was bleeding from the head and vomiting after getting into an alleged fight with a 70-year-old man and his son at a hotel across the street.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Now former San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller was arrested by police outside a San Francisco hotel early Monday morning. He's accused of assaulting two men, including a 70-year-old.

WATCH FULL VIDEO: See Bruce Miller after alleged fight with 70-year-old at SF hotel

Police say the fight happened at the Marriott Hotel around 2:45 a.m., but then Miller went across the street to a Travelodge.

New surveillance video shows Miller approaching the Travelodge. In that video you can see he has a bloody face, he's wearing a white tank top, and he's staggering. In another piece of video, which was shot about 15 minutes later, you see police approach him, eventually put handcuffs on him, and take him away.

According to Danesh Shrasta, a front desk attendant at the Travelodge, he called 911 because he was worried about Bruce Miller's well-being.

"I told him this is private property so he has to leave the property," said Shrasta. "And he couldn't, he was just vomiting there. So I thought it's better to call 911 for medical help."

According to Shrasta, Miller was in pretty bad shape -- his face was bleeding and he wouldn't move much.

"When I saw him I thought he was intoxicated, maybe he bumped his head somewhere," he said.

Shrasta had no idea that Miller had just been in a scuffle at the Marriot Hotel across the street

"The suspect from the Marriott is Bruce Miller. They need a couple more units," said a police dispatcher during the incident.

According to San Francisco police, the now former 49er fullback tried entering someone else's room in the Marriott.

Police say he argued with the 70-year-old guest who was in that room and the man's 29-year-old son staying next door. Then a fight broke out.

When the fight was over, the hotel guests were sent to San Francisco General Hospital with injuries.

Miller is now charged with several felonies including assault with a deadly weapon, not a firearm, and elder abuse.

In a very short statement, the 49ers announced Miller was released from the team.

Miller was entering his sixth season with the team.

Last year, Miller pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace and agreed to go to domestic violence counseling after a heated argument with his girlfriend in Santa Clara.

At the Travelodge, Shrasta was surprised to learn Miller was a 49er.

"Wow, it's kind of like a surprise for me," he said.

Back at the Fisherman's Wharf Travelodge, Miller was examined by paramedics and arrested without any further incident.

Miller's arrest marks the 14th time a 49er has been arrested since 2012, making the team among the NFL leaders in that dubious category.

Here's a list of some of the most recent:

A year ago last August, linebacker Ahmad Brooks was arrested for misdemeanor sexual battery.

The same month, Aldon Smith was arrested on hit-and-run, DUI, and vandalism charges. It was his fifth arrest and led to his release from the team.

Before that was Miller's aforementioned arrest for domestic battery.

In August of 2014, Santa Clara police booked Ray McDonald for felony domestic violence.

And in March of 2014, Chris Culliver was arrested for hit-and-run.

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