Fremont police release video of deadly officer-involved shooting after 'ambush' attack on officer

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- Fremont police have released the name of the man who officers shot and killed last week and details about the shooting, including video from the officers' dashboard cameras.

Michael Felch, 30, was shot and killed. Police say they recovered a handgun that he used to shoot at officers. They also said he had an agenda to kill a police officer.

In February, police say they received a warning from the Alameda County Sheriff's office that during a confrontation with Felch, he had issued a threat.

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Dash and body cam video has been released in the deadly shooting of a man Fremont police says "ambushed" one of their officers.

"That he quote was going to get a gun and shoot the first cop he saw," explained Fremont Police Chief Kimberly Petersen at a news conference this morning.

Police say during that incident, Felch had scratched the word "PIG" into a BART police car at the Fremont BART station and then wanted to fight with police.

Last week, the chief says Felch fired at Fremont Police Officer Ryan Labue's car while he was driving by Washington Hospital on Civic Center Drive. Labue then turned around, got out of his car and confronted Felch.

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"Officer Labue provided Felch an opportunity to give up. He yelled at Felch to get on the ground. Felch did not comply and instead raised his handgun to officer Labue. Believing the suspect was about to shoot him, he discharged his rifle two to three times," said Petersen.

They did not release video from the officer's body camera. The chief says the body camera was either blocked by the officer's arms when his gun was drawn or by his car door which he used for a shield.

Two more officers arrived. The video from their dashboard camera shows Felch lying on the ground. You can hear Officer Jennifer Allsup yell for him to put his hands in the air. You can see Felch reach for his gun. That is when they shoot him. Felch was later pronounced dead.

"This is a case of our officers being victims of an armed suspect who intentionally ambushed them and tried to kill them. It's clear Felch had a deadly vendetta against police officers," said Petersen.

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Police say they did meet with Felch's mother. The chief said his mom was devastated by his actions and also devastated by his death.

The chief said this is still under investigation but they wanted to release the facts as they know them right now.

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