Toddler in serious condition after being hit by suspected drunk driver

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- Saphira Howerton's family is still in shock, days after she was hit by a suspected drunk driver in Santa Rosa.

Her father, Shane Howerton said, "I'm very mad, I'm very angry that he was driving so recklessly."

The suspected driver is Hector Larios, a man with four DUI convictions and who police say, was also busted for another hit-and-run the week prior.

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Soon after Thursday's crash, police found Larios and his van at a nearby apartment complex.

Saphira's grandfather, Raymundo Romero said, "He should have stopped and called 911 and get help for this little girl, please, help her, but no, he took off."

The day of the crash, Saphira was with her great grandmother running errands.

At one point they were getting into the car when the toddler ran away.

Then Beverly Howerton heard the crash.

She recalls hearing, "A very loud thump then I saw people screaming and running into the street. I realized it was probably her."

Saphira was thrown several feet.

She is on a breathing tube and has bruised lungs and head lacerations.

She's currently being sedated and is in and out of consciousness.

Raymundo Romero insists, "We're praying she's gonna make it through. She's strong and she will make it through."

Saphira is just three feet tall and loves to make people laugh.

Her family can't wait until she's home again.

Visit this page to contribute to the family's GoFundMe.
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