New storm moves into Bay Area Saturday, bringing 4 straight days of rain

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Get ready for wintry weather this weekend, Bay Area! ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco says a new storm may be heading our way, possible bringing four consecutive days of rain and fresh Sierra snow.

"This is a storm coming straight from Alaska and it's bringing chilly conditions with cold enough weather for snow on our mountains, "said Nicco."

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Nicco's AccuWeather forecast shows the Bay Area will get hit with a 1 on the Storm Impact Scale on Saturday, followed by more rain on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

"We may get more rain in that 4 day span than we've had almost the entire year, so far," said Nicco. "It's a pretty healthy amount of rain, something we haven't seen in almost two months."

Nicco says an area of low pressure could bring more than an inch of rain to some cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, Concord and Half Moon Bay.

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Nicco says the amount of rain will depend on which forecast comes to fruition. He's tracking two different models, including the U.S. model and the European model.

"The European model has been the most consistent during our dry spell," said Nicco. It shows a wave of rain Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. The rain totals with this system are pretty impressive."

The storm is expected to roll through the Bay Area in stages.

"It may not be all day rain, except for the usual spots in the North Bay, but there will be waves of rain that come in on Saturday and Sunday," said Nicco. "The storm is going to linger until early next week."

The storm may also bring up to six feet of fresh snow to Lake Tahoe with a Winter Storm Watch in effect Saturday 11 a.m. - Monday 11 a.m.

"Heavy, blowing snow will likely cause road closures," said Nicco. "There's a possibility that we could get 7 to 8 feet of snow in higher elevations. It's a much-needed late season dumping in the Sierra."

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