#BroughtJacksonHome: San Francisco owner reunites with dog who was stolen 4 months ago

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Detectives often say the first 48 hours after a crime is committed are crucial in trying to solve a case.

But in the world of canines, it may take longer, like more than four months.

"So much good news to share," said a joyful yet tired Emilie Talermo.

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Very early Tuesday morning at 4 o'clock she was reunited with her 5-year-old miniature Australian shepherd named Jackson. A San Francisco Police officer had driven to Los Angeles to pick him up. The dog had been discovered at a shelter in Palmdale, leaving everyone with no clues, just the facts.

On December 14, 2019, Talermo left her dog tied up outside a grocery store. The dog disappeared without a trace, but video footage showed a man wearing a hoodie walking toward the bench where Jackson had been tied up.

The search for Jackson began with flyers posted in the city, followed by a $7,000 dollar reward-no questions asked. Talermo even spent $1,200 to have a plane fly a banner that read "Missing dog, bring Jackson home."

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"Be hopeful and finding that balance between remaining hopeful and also being ok with potentially never seeing him again," that's how she described the last four months.

But then yesterday the unexpected call came.

"They sent me photos and sure enough it was him and just bust into tears and called my friends in LA and said go to the shelter now!" she said laughing.

So what now for dog and dog owner? Talermo is leaving the Bay Area and headed to her hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming to regroup then she's moving to Portugal. We asked why and she responded, 'Why not!'
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