FedEx delivery driver caught on camera throwing package at customer's house

Friday, September 10, 2021
FedEx delivery caught throwing package at customer's house
A FedEx customer was shocked when his doorbell camera captured the delivery driver throw a package at his house.

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Millions of packages make it to their destinations every day with no problem and no controversy, but there are exceptions to the rule.

"When I saw the video I was somewhat irritated," Michael Baxes of Concord told 7 On Your Side. "There might be stronger words I could use. Yes, it rubbed me the wrong way."

Baxes contacted 7 On Your Side because he wanted us to see a video of what he identified as a FedEx delivery to his home.

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The video shows a "FedEx Ground" truck. The driver never leaves the vehicle. He throws the package up toward the home's door. It is just six seconds long, but it put Baxes in a foul mood.

He contacted FedEx to complain and was asked if it was a FedEx Ground truck.

"I said, 'Yes, it was FedEx Ground,' and she said 'Well, FedEx Ground are contracted out by private companies and we really don't have anything to do with them.' I said, 'Well, they have trucks with your name plastered all over the side of it and they are using your tracking numbers, so I would think you guys would be able to do something about this.'"

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Then Baxes contacted 7 On Your Side and we reached out to FedEx and were told in a written statement:

"The behavior depicted in the video is unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism FedEx Ground service providers demonstrate every day in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to our customers."

The statement continues: "We are committed to treating our customers' shipments with the utmost care and will take the appropriate steps to investigate and address this matter."

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That was what Baxes wanted - to be heard and the package toss to be addressed.

"Everything in the package was OK. There was a hole in the side of the package about the size of a silver dollar, it was a soft, one of those padded packages," he says, "I think it could have come from the landing."

If the items in that package had been more delicate, who knows? 7 On Your Side would just remind those making deliveries that it is pretty easy these days to be caught on camera.

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