ABC7 SPECIAL REPORT: Rescue efforts underway in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Nepal (KGO) -- More than 8,200 people have been killed, tens of thousands are injured and hundreds of thousands are homeless after two major earthquakes jolted Nepal. The first quake, a magnitude 7.8, hit April 25. The second quake hit Tuesday, May 12 and registered 7.3. There is still no word on a missing U.S. helicopter that was delivering aid. ABC7 News reporter Sergio Quintana is the only Bay Area reporter in the quake zone giving live updates.

ABC7 News Reporter Sergio Quintana says the rescue and relief efforts are intense.

"We know that the Air Force and Marines have been shuttling people back from those rural area, with their Hueys and their Ospreys," Quintana said.

He says the International Airport at Kathmandu is the staging ground for relief efforts.

"There's more than a dozen countries that are here with search and rescue teams, with very good expertise, we're talking about the U.S., China, Russia, Pakistan," he said.

Help Nepal: Support quake relief and recovery efforts

Sadly, there is still no word on what happened to a missing Marine helicopter carrying six Marines and two Nepalese soldiers. They were delivering aid to remote areas that have been cut off by quake damage. Quintana is following the work of rescue and relief teams from the Bay Area, including Anil Pandey with Motherland Nepal, and the Community Disaster Response Team from Sebastopol. They are trying to get in to some of those remote areas on the ground.

"Their only challenge is that they are in an area where there had been some rockslides along the road that leads to them, so they are in place until those roads can be cleared," Quintana said. "They are safe. They are in high spirits."

Sunnyvale man injured in Nepal earthquake helping orphans

More buildings have collapsed in Kathmandu and the aftershocks continue.

"People are used to having a bible in their drawer. Well, here there is a flashlight, and that's in case there's another quake and the power goes out," Quintana said.

People are sleeping in tents in Kathmandu, yet, many are going back to work.

VIDEO: Experiencing 7.3 earthquake

It's not the same for the hundreds of thousands left homeless and stranded in the remote villages. There isn't enough food. There aren't enough tents and blankets and the monsoon season is coming. The relief efforts by the military and many agencies will need to continue.

"Anil Pandey said me he wants to collect more blankets and supplies to ship out here in a future trip," Quintana said.

The relief and recovery efforts in Nepal will likely need even more help now. If you would like to donate, you can text NEPAL to 90999 to contribute $10 or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.

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ABC7 News reporter Sergio Quintana is in Nepal. You can see his Twitter updates here.
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