EXCLUSIVE: Great-grandma who went viral for stopping Oakland robbery running for city council

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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
EXCLUSIVE: Great-grandma who stopped Oakland robbery runs for office
An Oakland great-grandmother who went viral for chasing down a robbery suspect in 2022, is making headlines again as she makes a run for city council.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A West Oakland great-grandmother who went viral for chasing down a robbery suspect in 2022, is making headlines again as she makes a run for city council.

These days, 77-year-old Faye Taylor's German Shepherd Troy is more interested in sniffing around than springing into action, like he did in October of 2022.

"Troy! Troy! Troy! Troy! Troy!" yells Taylor, in surveillance video.

Who could forget the viral moment when Taylor, who prefers to be called Miss Faye, spotted an older woman get dragged for her purse outside her West Oakland home. Miss Faye came running out hollering, even throwing her cane at the assailant who speeds away.

EXCLUSIVE: Great-grandma uses cane to save elderly neighbor from violent purse snatching in Oakland

A remarkable story is coming out of Oakland tonight after a cane-wielding great-grandmother saved another senior from getting robbed.

At the time, when asked if she was scared to jump in to help, despite the possibility the suspect could be armed, she said she never thought twice.

Miss Faye's quick thinking drew recognition from then Mayor Libby Schaff and then the nation, even appearing on a daytime talk show. To this day, she still receives regular shipments of dog food for Troy, courtesy of Drew Barrymore.

Despite having no political experience and her advanced age, it's crimes like the one outside her door and elsewhere which prompted her to enter the District 3 City Council race.

"I figured this is the going to be the only time I'm going to run. I don't want to be 99 and run!" She laughs.

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Miss Faye cites the recent robbery of a legacy jewelry shop in Oakland's Chinatown as another reason to focus on youth and education.

"There's so much crime! But the police station is a block away. It's just that they're not scared - they have no fear. None of these kids have anything to fall back on, a trade to fall back on. I'd love to give teachers a bonus because they're having a hard time with these kids because they have no discipline," she says.

Born and raised in Oakland, Miss Faye tried running in 2020, but says COVID stopped her from campaigning. Four years later, she believes homelessness in the city has not improved.

"You run for office and say, you say you're gonna do this and that - if you can't keep your word you should be punished!" Miss Faye says.

While Miss Faye admits she may not have all the answers, she says, "I'm gonna do the best I can and if I don't know something, I'm gonna ask my community."

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She is vowing to serve her community with the same honesty and fearlessness the world saw in 2022.

"I think God is on my side this time, I think I can make it," she says.

ABC7 News reached out to incumbent Carroll Fife for a comment on Miss Faye's run.

She said she encourages everyone that is genuinely interested in the well-being of the city to throw their hat in the ring.

Warren Logan, who is also running for District 3, said in part he welcomes anyone who wants to work together toward making District 3 and Oakland a better place to live work and visit.

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