ABC7 QUICK TIP: How to avoid being attacked

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- How do you keep from being attacked? Alameda based IMPACT Bay Area gave us some tips to keep you safe.
The first tip, use your intuition.

"Be in tune with what it feels like in your body to feel like you could be in danger," said Leu.

Tip number 2: Always have situational awareness, know exits, and where you can escape to safely.
"Like where are you physically in relationship to where safety might be," said Leu.

Tip 3: Make sure you use your voice.
"So we try to go for the deep, short, sharp syllables, like I would say maybe NO!" said Leu.

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Tip 4: Protect your personal space.
Leu said, "Let's say someone is getting too close to you and you're feeling very uncomfortable - you have the right to say hey, you are making me a little uncomfortable - BACK OFF!"

Tip 5: As a last resort defend yourself.
"One of the strikes that we teach is an eye strike. So what we do is we make - stick your thumbs out - and you wrap your fingers around," said Leu "Like little bird beaks, then you imagine your scary face in front of you, and you do this - NO!"

Tip 6: Get to Safety.
Leu said, "The idea is always to get yourself to safety as quickly as possible."

Finally, Tip 7: Share these tips with a friend.

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