Alameda County Fair ready to make changes amidst weekend rain

ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- The Alameda county fair is returning this weekend. After being postponed due to the pandemic, the fair is now being held in the fall opposed to the summer.

However, rain could change how certain things at the fair operate.

"We are keeping our fingers crossed for our opening weekend," said Tiffany Cadrette, marketing coordinator with the fair. "There is so much that goes into planning this so we are optimistic."

The fair is full of events both indoor and outdoor.

Cadrette says everything should run smoothly despite rain in the forecast.

Still, inspectors will check each ride and event in case rain causes them to be unsafe.

"We are monitoring and following all the weather that is coming down the pipeline," Cadrette said. "There is a plan in place incase we need to pivot."

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