Security cameras capture rash of brazen Apple Store robberies in California

Byby Juan Carlos Guerrero KGO logo
Wednesday, September 5, 2018
VIDEO: Grab-and-run thefts plague Apple Stores
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Thieves grab merchandise at the Apple store in Fashion Fair Mall in Fresno, Calif. on July 7, 2018.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's happened over and over this summer. Thieves rush into Apple Stores and go from table to table grabbing iPhones, iPads and MacBook laptops on display.

Since mid-May, there have been at least 21 of these run-and-grab thefts at Apple Stores in California. Losses are estimated to exceed $850,000 in the state since the start of 2018.

Here is a timeline of the most recent thefts

May 16 Carlsbad: The first in a series of thefts at Apple Stores in northern San Diego County.

May 26 San Luis Obispo: Three men enter the downtown Apple Store and steal seven iPhones.

May 28 Rancho Cucamonga: A customer tries to stop four thieves from leaving the Apple Store in Victoria Gardens after the suspects grabbed iPhones and laptops. VIDEO

June 18 Carlsbad: Thieves return to the Carlsbad Apple Store.

June 21 San Luis Obispo: Third robbery in one month at the Apple Store. Thieves also took merchandise from a T-Mobile store.

July 7 Fresno: A group of thieves steal $27,000 worth of products from the Apple Store at the Fashion Fair Mall. Video surveillance shows bewildered customers, including a group of girls caught between the thieves and the exit door. VIDEO

July 9 Escondido: A group of men in hoodies grab iPhones and other merchandise.

July 13 Carlsbad: The second theft at the same Apple Store in just two days. The earlier one occured on July 11.

July 16 Valencia: Three men wearing hoodies and sunglasses steal merchandise at the Apple Store.

July 23 Costa Mesa: An off-duty officer is punched and kicked as he tries to stop a grab-and-run theft at the Apple Store. Thieves take $29,000 in merchandise. VIDEO

August 1 Bakersfield: A customer captures thieves grab display products at the Apple Store. VIDEO

August 8 Valencia: A second theft in less than one month at the same store.

August 14 Roseville: Thieves take 22,000 worth of Apple products. VIDEO

August 19 Northridge: Thieves take thousands of dollars worth of Apple products.

August 19 Thousand Oaks: A group of customers detain two theft suspects. Police later arrest five people in connection with the theft that totaled $18,000. VIDEO

August 22 Corte Madera: Thieves grab $30,000 in Apple products.VIDEO

August 25 Walnut Creek: Thieves grab $30,000 in Apple products. VIDEO

August 25 Emeryville: Thieves enter the Apple Store shortly after it opened and grabbed merchandise from the display tables.

August 27 Valencia: A third theft since mid-July.

August 29 Santa Rosa: Thieves grab an estimated $30,000 worth of Apple products.

September 2 Burlingame: Thieves grab more than $19,000 in products