How to avoid additional pounds


Don't worry about the annual holiday weight gain; you can still enjoy the holiday foods you love, without putting on the pounds. Physician and nutrition specialist, Dr. Melina Jampolis is the author of The No Time To Lose Diet and gave us some simple strategies.

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Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

  1. Never go to a party starving. Try to eat a protein and fiber containing snack before you leave the house. Examples: apple, string cheese, smoothie, protein bar

  2. Bring healthy options. Bring a veggie or shrimp tray or bake low fat cookies or brownies. Examples: veggies and dip, low-fat brownies

  3. Get rid of leftovers. If you are hosting the party, send guests home with a goodie bag filled with treats that you served so you don't have to face the cookie tray for days to come.

  4. Use the 2/3 plate strategy. Fill 2/3 plate with healthier options like lean protein and veggies and the remaining 1/3 with indulgences. And don't waste ANY calories on chips, bread, nuts, cheese and crackers or any other food that you can eat any day of the year. You can have indulgence in treats that you don't ordinarily have access to.

  5. Don't drink your calories - Limit the eggnog (300 calories) and ciders (150-200 calories per cup) and try to stick with sugar free beverage options or a glass of wine. Example: white wine spritzer

2 More Tips:

  • Don't wear lose fitting clothing; this will help you avoid stuffing yourself.
  • Squeeze in exercise anywhere and everywhere you can; every calorie burned adds up. Do leg bends in the checkout line, take the stairs at the mall, dance after dinner, just move!
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