Fashionable gifts with impressive wrapping

Big things do come in small packages. Nothing says you care more than taking time to dazzle your loved ones with impressive gift wrapping. Absolutely Audrey has creative & easy ways to think outside of the box. Julie Kelly from the Stanford Shopping Center came to share some ideas with us.

The experts at Papyrus have helped prepared these looks:

  • Business appropriate: olive handmade paper with festive and stylish bows. It's non-denominational which is great for the office party.
  • Fun with friends: this retro, holograph-type paper is very hip; perfect for women or men's gifts (holiday jumbo roll paper $9.95).
  • An ideal Hannukah wrap that is guaranteed to garner smiles.
  • Traditional red Christmas -- where you take a simple red paper and create different looks with the bows and toppers.
  • For those who prefer gift bags or are environmentally aware, here are darling wool-blend (reusable) gift bags. The reindeer has buttons for eyes and a red pom pom for the nose ($12.95). The Santa is ($12.95).

From Smith & Hawken : Not all gifts have to be wrapped especially those that can serve two purposes: first as holiday décor and second as a hostess gift or an emergency gift should someone surprise you.

  • Birdseed egg ornaments and birdseed gingerbread men -(Great Green Gift) - 12 edible birdseed eggs are nested in a traditional cardboard carton. ($19) The gingerbread men come in a set of three. These are great for a hostess, neighbor gifts or can also be used as gift toppers. Hang as décor inside your home until you are ready to give them away. Both make great kids gifts for teachers and neighbors.
  • Mini white Poinsettias in red ceramic pots -Combine fresh flowers ($6 each) with a red pot/tray ($39) place them on mantle or windowsill until you are ready to give them away as individual gifts. Add some sparkle with crystal stars (six for $20).
  • Gift box set and red berry vine wrap - Here is an elegant set of three boxes ($39), the largest one is big enough for three bottles of wine. The boxes can be also used to store holiday ornaments afterwards. Add the tasteful red berry vine wrap ($10) and you are good to go!
  • Amaryllis - The beautiful flowers decorating the Stanford Shopping Center are from Smith & Hawken. They have Amaryllis that you can grow in a clay pot ($28) - several colors are available.

Gift Cards:
Gift wrapping ideas for gift cards: So many people are giving gift cards that they should be creatively wrapped. Example: a Stanford Shopping Center gift card (or you could use a restaurant gift card) on a decorative plate. You can also have a stuffed animal hold a gift card in a box. It keeps them guessing longer.

General gift wrapping tips:

  1. Keep it simple and affordable -- Nobody wants more stress during the holidays.
  2. Elevate the importance of a gift with a gift topper
  3. Use the same paper and gift toppers as a design statement - the consistent look is more polished and packages can be arranged as décor before you give them.
  4. Use double-sided tape - to create a professional, clean and crisp look.
  5. Dress up a favorite store bag as wrapping -Great for the shop-a-holic
  6. Have extra gifts for neighbors or emergency gifts - buy in multiples and use as décor before you give them.
  7. Creatively wrap your gift cards to keep them guessing longer - a decorative plate for a restaurant gift card or stuffed animal holding a gift card in a box.

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