Tiger-attacked brothers hire legal pit bull

January 2, 2008 12:05:35 PM PST
The brothers who survived the vicious tiger attacks at San Francisco Zoo last week have hired legal pit bull Mark Geragos in anticipation of filing a lawsuit against the zoo.

Mark Geragos isn't wasting any time in criticizing the zoo officials - saying the zoo has an utter disregard for public safety.

Defense attorney Mark Geragos says reports that the three victims of the tiger attack taunted the tiger are "urban legend." Geragos says he's speaking out for the two survivors of the attack, the Dhaliwal brothers, because, "They're not ready to say anything publicly yet. They're still grieving and they're angry at the zoo." But zoo officials say the public needs to hear from them.

"The zoo has been very forthcoming, the city has been forthcoming. The poor gentleman whose wonderful son is dead has been straight with the media. It's time for the two brothers who hold the key in many ways to what everyone wants to know, and that's what happened," said Sam Singer, Zoo spokesman.

Geragos said one of the brothers sought refuge in the zoo café.

"and they would not let him in. The same guys who sold him nachos wouldn't let him back in. They locked the doors, 30 minutes later, he was attacked by the tiger," said Geragos.

The zoo is aware Geragos is speaking out for the Dhaliwal family.

"San Francisco Zoo is a beloved institution that's been in San Francisco for many, many generations and its reputation, the quality of the care of the animals and its longevity in the city far outweighs any defense attorney in the United States or on this planet as far as I'm concerned," said Sam Singer.

The spokesman says Geragos claims are unreliable considering the police investigation hasn't finished yet. And he wants to know why the survivors have hired a criminal defense attorney - no lawsuits have been filed against the zoo.