Mill Valley residents still without power

January 7, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Power from this last round of storms is slowly starting to return across the bay area. But more than 7,000 homes remain in the dark on Monday night.

The good news is that crews from as far away as Minnesota are quickly restoring power. They've whittled it down to about 1,500 homes in Mill Valley. But those still without electricity, tonight, are feeling downright unlucky.

By the light of their camping lantern, Tommy and Mary Hom could see the PG&E crews working outside their window.

But when the crew drove away, the clock was still stuck at the time they lost power on Friday, and the temperature in the house was still at 49 degrees and dropping. Mmm-ho toy -- in Cantonese, Mary says that means bad luck.

"No hot food for two days," said Mary Hom.

So on Saturday night, Mrs. Hom went to the neighbors to heat up some stew. She tripped in the dark.

"And all the stew spill on the ground, on the street," said Mary Hom.

The 75-year-old retired dietician shattered her knee cap, lost a tooth and knocked four others loose. Mmm-ho toy.

"My neighbors lights are going on all around me," said Mary Hom.

And no luck for Jim Harvey, who burned the last of his firewood. He has two teenage daughters.

"It just kind of sucks," said Mill Valley resident Amelia Harvey.

"PG&E called me on my cell phone and told me my power was back on. It wasn't on and still isn't on," said Mill Valley resident Jim Harvey.

PG&E says the remaining powerless homes either have single service lines that were ripped away, or they're part of a much larger outage still being repaired. At Mill Valley Middle School where the storm forced a canceled day, power was restored, today.

But just across the street, the city corporation yard still depends on a generator to power the gas pumps for the police cars. And the chipper needed to help clear the way? Smashed by a downed tree. Mmmm ho toy.

So you can see why the remaining powerless people, dotted across the North Bay, are feeling down on their luck.

But things are going to get brighter. PG&E says it should have the rest of it's customers back up by late tomorrow.