Hot chocolate taste test

January 8, 2008 8:24:01 AM PST
With temperatures dropping and maybe some even heading up to the snow, it's a good time to warm your tummy with hot chocolate. 7 On Your Sides Michael Finney has the results of the Good Housekeeping hot chocolate taste test.So many hot chocolates, so many choices.

"There are dozens of hot chocolate available on the market, and we decided to test 19 hot chocolates that are available in supermarkets," said Samantha Seneviratne, Good Housekeeping.

The testers compared milk chocolate to dark chocolate and asked people to judge based on color, texture, sweetness and taste.

"There were two in the milk chocolate category that tied for first place," said Samantha Seneviratne, Good Housekeeping.

  • Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate
    $1.79, 10 servings

    Testers thought it was just sweet enough, and not too sweet.

    "I liked it. I felt like I could drink a whole cup of it," said Stella Goldestein, Tester.

  • Godiva Milk Chocolate
    $10/12 servings

    Speaking of sweet, the Godiva milk chocolate with its 22 grams of sugar per serving was a winner.

    "I like J the Best," said a tester

    "I agree," said a tester

    "J was Godiva Milk Chocolate," said Samantha Seneviratne, Good Housekeeping.

    "I like this one. It was a little bit creamier and even though it was a milk chocolate, it tasted a little bit closer to dark chocolate than some of the earlier ones we tried," said Allison Dewine, tester.

    In the dark chocolate category, the winner was Lake Champlain Old World Drinking Chocolate.

    "Instead of a powdery mix, they have these beautiful chocolate shavings," said Samantha Seneviratne, Good Housekeeping.

    "I liked this one a lot. It had a distinctive dark chocolate taste, which I love," said Luke Braun, tester.

    "It's actually like a melted candy bar. It's very thick and creamy," said Meghan Townley, tester.

    On the negative side, the testers found many of the milk chocolate versions "thick and watery" with not much chocolate flavor.