Oil spill residue gets washed upon shores

January 8, 2008 8:05:21 PM PST
Tuesday's storm seems to be churning up some of the oil Cosco Busan oil spill two months ago. The Coast Guard sent clean-up teams to several beaches along the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay today.

The Coast Guard says they have recovered about 30 percent of the oil, but that still leaves a lot out there.

Today, four teams, made up of Coast Guards and scientists, combed the beaches in the East Bay and Marin County.

The teams are looking for new oil and old oil that has arrived because of all the churning in that bay for the past several days. They did find some oil in Emeryville and just up north in Albany.

We did find private contracters actually cleaning up some oil. It is normal for tar balls to roll up or appear on beaches this time of year. Tests will be done to determine wether the oil is definitely from the Cosco Busan spill.

"The easiest method on is in the consistency of the oil that we see out there. This is day 55 of the spill and it weathers to a different consistency. We can tell just by the look of the oil wether it's from the Cosco Busan. If there's any question, we will take it to our labs and analyze it," says Randy Imai, California Department of Fish and Game.

The process of clean up and recovery will continue for some time. The Coast Guard hopes to wind it down in the next several months, but they are also working on a plan based on testing and surveying on the beaches. They are working on a plan for a maintenance and monitoring program throughout the summer.