VTA launches drastically revised schedule

January 14, 2008 12:41:35 PM PST
Valley Transportation Authority launched a dramatic revised schedule with new routes and timetables on Monday.

It's been a rough morning for many passengers who ride buses in the South Bay. For the first time in 20 years, they revamped the bus system from top to bottom. Today, on the first day out, those changes left many passengers trying to figure out where to go.

Before dawn, buses were rolling in the South Bay with brand-new routes and schedules. It is a major overhaul for Valley Transportation's bus system.

Most of the buses are being affected by it and it affects 110,000 bus passengers who must navigate a new way to school and work under the system.

"It's going to be more time consuming to get to Valley Med. Instead of taking one bus, I'm going to be taking two," says one VTA rider.

To help cut down on confusion, they have workers in bright yellow vests stationed out at bus stops around the South Bay to hand out maps and give directions.

"We wanted to make sure that all of our passengers knew what was happening and we were available to answer questions so they can get from point A to point B," says Patrick Griffin, Valley Transportation Agency.

Several passengers told you they are in danger of being late to work or school.

They say the overhaul will be a work in progress. Under the new plan, more bus service has been given to central San Jose, but service will end on seven routes.

"There are still other ways to get the locations but we need to let our passengers know how to get it done," says Brandi Childress, VTA Spokesperson.

The VTA is geared up for easing the commute in the event that passengers are confused. They will have workers at bus stops this evening as well.