Gadgets to get you organized!

January 15, 2008 7:39:34 PM PST
Entertain your family while organizing your life with the latest tech gadgets for the New Year.

Make sure that your family is tech savvy this New Year with some of the latest gadgets that will keep you organized and entertained this winter. In this next technology segment brought to you by our friends at Comcast, Cat Schwartz, the hi-tech mommy, is back with a group of products that will make your life easier!
It will be released in Spring 2008.

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  • Samsung "Touch of Color Series #7" HDTV
      This television has a "touch of color" around the perimeter allowing you to incorporate it into the color scheme of your room. The cool factor takes yet another step up with the built in RSS feed screen that can be pulled up over whatever you're watching transparently to give you info like weather, sports scores, news and more.

  • Samsung DUO High Def DVD Player
      OK, so by now you probably heard that the war is somewhat over between which format is going to dominate the next generation of DVD playback market. This means to me that I can get an entire DVD collection of HDVDs, the seeming looser in the battle, for a good price! With my new plethora of movies in sight, I also want a player that will be able to play the winner's format, Blu-ray, and last me for years to come. The DUO plays HDDVDs, BluRay discs as well as regular DVDs!
      Price: $799

  • Zoombak GPS Locator For Dogs and Cars
      GPS location for the important things in your life was a hot trend this year. Zoombak is a company that makes devices that tie together advanced GPS technology systems with your cell phone and satellites, to bring you extremely accurate and fast location information. Attach the device to a dog with the comfy pouch or place the pager-sized unit in your car. Go online and set up a safety zone. If the device goes outside of the zone you'll receive a text message saying that you've got some action! Get online and access a map that'll give you the devices' location within a 30 foot radius! You can also do an "on-demand" locate from your cell if you're not near a computer too!
      Price: $199 for pets, $249 for autos, $9.99/month for service

  • Alpine EX-10 iPod Controller and Bluetooth Hands Free Kit
      Looking for a way to incorporate your iPod and hands free calling into your car without having to pay for an after market install? This is the solution for you! Mount the LCD screen on your dash, clip the mic to your visor, plug in the power via the cigarette lighter, attach your iPod and you're set! Access all of your tunes as well as make and receive calls with the touch of a button on the remote. The menus are all iPodesque making on-the-go searching really easy.
      Price: $200

  • Logitech Squeezebox Duet
      My music sits on the computer in my bedroom, making my bedroom the only place I can access the files, until now! There are two components to this gadget. Attach one end to your speakers and the net. Attach the other end, which is a dock for the remote, to your music source. Once you're all set up and you can play all of your music throughout your house as well as freely access the 10,000 radio stations that are online!
      Price: $399.99 (Controller and Receiver)