Eat and know your "super foods"

January 15, 2008 5:33:28 PM PST
Discover a diet that's about what you do eat, not what you don't eat.

Dieting doesn't mean just eliminating the foods from your menu. There are some foods you might want to add. In the book the Superfoods RX Diet, Registered Dietician Wendy Bazalian looks into eating the right foods in the right amount.

"Super Foods" are disease-fighting, metabolism-boosting foods and the tennis ball and deck of cards is all you need to know about portion control. Eat, do not skip, meals on the SuperFoodsRx diet. It will satisfy the body and the mind, too. SuperFoods snacks boost your energy and are the best way to beat the afternoon slump. This will add foods and combinations to your diet to help lose weight. Success is about adding in the elements that support your healthy weight and your long term health.

Just remember: SuperFoods, sneakers (exercise), stress management and sleep.

The SuperFoodsRx Diet is not about deprivation, but about eating.

  1. SuperFoods and sidekicks
    Examples: Blueberries, beans, broccoli, kiwi, tomatoes, apple, and avocado.
  2. Portion control is also important, but it's extremely easy on the SuperFoodsRx diet. Example: Don't eat more than the size of a tennis ball and deck of cards. Dinner: A plate with salmon, sweet potato (baked) and a side of salad or broccoli.
  3. Meals you should eat: breakfast, mid morning beverage, lunch, afternoon snack favorite, and dinner.

      Breakfast: oatmeal and blueberries; yogurt and berries (lots of options to fit 'your style')
      Lunch: Greek salad roll-ups with turkey, bean and vegetable soup
      Snack: of dried cherries and walnuts and "It's Good To Be Blue Bevvy"

    These foods can fit personal eating styles, can be in abundance "with" portion control, can be delicious and satisfying. They can also have variety, but not too much. Have practical variety! You do not have to eat seven different breakfasts a week, like some diets will impractically recommend.

  4. Mix and match snacks Snack-time: for balance of energy: There are two lists of snack options - choose one from each group: whole grains or fruit and vegetables. Match with a lean protein or healthy fat for a great balance.

      Grain, fruit or veg:
      dried cherries from previous station
      Whole grain crackers

      Protein/Healthy fat:
      walnuts from previous station
      peanut butter
      cheddar cheese

    It's about fitting your style, grab it and go. It's the perfect solution for the 'afternoon slump'. Snacks are "mandatory," don't skip meals or snacks on the SuperFoodsRx diet.

  5. Life Plan: Your lifestyle - a "recipe" for healthy living. Super Foods, exercise, stress management and sleep are all important metabolically, but it's not hard! Super Foods themselves play a role in these areas, too.
    Things to help change your lifestyle:
      Pedometer and sneakers
      Journal (one example of a stress technique)
      Cup of green tea (sip your stress away)
      Sleep eye mask/pillow
    The elements of an overall lifestyle that supports weight loss and maintaining weight loss success overtime. The SuperFoodsRx diet is about real life, practical, easy, busy-person's goals toward healthy weight and overall health.

Book: The Super Foods Rx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of Super Nutrients
This book is available at all the local and independent booksellers and online.
Web site:

About Dr. Wendy Bazilian:
She is a registered dietitian and is the author of The SuperFoodsRx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients. Wendy is a Doctor of Public Health and Nutrition, Registered Dietitian and American College of Sports Nutrition certified health and fitness instructor. She is also a Nutrition Specialist at the renowned Golden Door Resort and Spa in Southern California and owner of the Bazlian's Health Clinic in San Diego.

About the Diet:
What IS the SuperFoodsRx Diet?
We could call it the diet that your body loves. Your hair, nails, skin, blood vessels, heart, brain and even your stomach will love this diet. Not just for how it makes you look (inside and out) but also how you feel. You start to feel the effect literally after as little as one day. The SuperFoodsRx Diet makes you feel good and encourages your body to lose weight quickly and safely by eating terrific and delicious food.

The SuperFoods Diet:

  • The diet that loves your body.
  • Reclaiming the word "diet" - simply your habitual way of eating - and the SuperFoods Diet is about making a habit of eating foods that promote weight loss and promote your health - and they make you look and feel great.
  • Concrete plan for loss of weight, inches, body fat, while gaining health/energy based on the SuperFoods and their sidekicks.
  • Specific guidelines and strategies that fit today's busy life.
  • Flexibility built in - with again specific guidelines - to ensure success over time.
  • Customizable format so it can fit anyone's environment and taste buds.
  • Strategies to monitor progress, follow style that fits goals (stricter/quicker to more flexible/slower) along with maintenance tips.
  • No-nonsense, honest approach to weight loss - admitting that you can have abundance (but not eat ALL you want), be satisfied (but not be full), and while you don't have to "count" calories, you do have to be aware of your portions and most especially the quality (in nutrient and taste) of the foods you are eating.

    It's not just about reducing, even though there is some reducing going on like your weight, inches, unhealthy foods, portions, calories and hopeful disease risk. It builds health, physical fitness/wellness, nutrient balance, energy, building in nutrient dense SuperFoods, healthy habits, a true lifestyle.

    Basic Principles:
    Americans, and arguably most modern, Westerners around the world today, have a palette that has become increasingly accustomed to high sugar, high salt, high fat and high calorie foods. They're everywhere - in the supermarket, restaurants, offices, even schools - and also in many of our homes.

    The basic principles of the SF diet/weight loss program (which is mostly the diet but encompasses the full and necessary whole - exercise and lifestyle (sleep, stress) overall) has 6 simple practices:

    1. commit to eating the SuperFoods and sidekicks everyday
    2. eat (don't skip) meals and snack breaks
    3. learn and learn to practice portion control through easy daily strategies
    4. "practice" moderation by cycling between SlimDown, FlexPlan and maintenance to meet and keep your goals
    5. exercise consistently at least 5 days a week
    6. be consistent with the SuperFoods eating, exercise, stress-management and sleep style for life (that's why it's call a lifestyle).

    The SuperFoods Diet Basics

  • Eat SuperFoods. Think, eat, drink SuperFoods.
  • A heart healthy, weight healthy, life healthy plan. Abundant in nutrients from the SuperFoods and their sidekicks, a moderate and balanced diet in all ways - protein, carbs and fats. High in fiber and plant nutrients.
  • A whole foods, plant-centered, nutrient dense, delicious diet with lean protein from plants, poultry and fish. An easy but interesting way to eat AND meet your weight and health goals.
  • Simple strategies for portion control and day-to-day success with making great food choices in the real world.
  • Variety (with guidelines) for good health, but not so much that you're overwhelmed.
  • Celebrate quality - say "no" to excessive artificial ingredients, HFCS, hydrogenated oils - and "diet" foods. Cut out foods with high sodium and high in sugar. . .However, a little bit of the "real" thing goes a long way!
  • Of course, daily exercise is important too!


  • SuperFoods health-friendly environments (home and office)
  • Commitment to planning and shopping SF-style
  • Willingness to participate and do some work toward a goal to resize (lose needed or excess weight)
  • Recording of foods
  • Following the plan
  • Desire to succeed

    The Routine

  • A 3 meal, 2 break-time plan consisting of Superfoods, sidekicks and other complements.
  • Daily SuperFoods kickoff with SuperFoods breakfast from list
  • SF soup or Salad OR BOTH everyday.
  • Eating 1, 2, and 3, servings minimum, respectively from the SuperFoods Categories 1, 2, 3
  • Drinking SF beverages of choice: water and tea.
  • Daily exercise.
  • Sleep.

    Is the SuperFoodsRx diet healthy?
    Yes, absolutely with a definitive exclamation point! Whole foods, nutrient dense foods, portion controlled - and no omissions of entire categories of foods. Regular meals, regular timing - familiar foods that are nutrient rich. This is arguably the healthiest diet available! (for the mind, too, since it's one that makes sense, is easy, adaptable and flexes over times instead of restricts).

    People who go on diets that are low in calories alone run the risk of losing muscle, diminishing bone mass and feeling sluggish while they are losing the weight. The SuperFoods diet minimizes this risk and increases energy and metabolism to favor weight loss without compromising the immune system or overall health for today AND the future.