Bill Clinton campaigns at UC Davis

January 15, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Former President Bill Clinton made a stop at UC Davis on Tuesday night to campaign for his wife.

The event was put together at the last minute, but through e-mail and quick word of mouth, thousands of people showed-up.

Most of these students were in grammar school when Clinton took office, but many have fond memories of the former president -- and that's what the Clinton campaign is banking on.

Former President Bill Clinton appeared before a large crowd at the UC Davis campus.

It's an attempt by the Clinton campaign to reach out to young voters, a demographic that put senator Obama over the top in Iowa.

"America is not a race. America is not a creed. America is not even a place. America is an idea and you all are a part of it," Said former president Bill Clinton.

Clinton's stop at UC Davis caps a whirlwind day of visits in the western U.S.

The former president campaigned in Nevada -- where the state will be holding its caucuses on Saturday.

Clinton also did some further damage control on the Reverend Al Sharpton's radio program.

For the past several days, the Clinton and Obama campaigns had been exchanging barbs over Senator Clinton's remarks about Dr. Martin Luther King which many considered to be insensitive.

Senator Clinton suggested it took help from President Lyndon Johnson to fulfill King's vision.

But based on what president Clinton said today, the dispute seems to be over.

"The one thing the Democrats have all agreed on is the importance of Civil Rights, women's rights and human rights. I'm very proud of that and we're all family when it comes to those things," said former pre U.S. president Bill Clinton on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show.

The focus now for the Clinton campaign is to get back on message -- and back to the issues.

"We also have to give every young person in America the opportunity what you're doing, go on to college, and finish and not worry about the cost," said former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

Californians can expect to see a lot more of the presidential candidates and their surrogates in the coming days and weeks.

Super Tuesday is February 5th and delegate-rich California will be the big prize that day.