Numerology of presidential candidates

January 16, 2008 5:59:06 PM PST
A unique look at the presidential candidates from a numerologist.

Can a number really say something about you, your future, or your family? In the book, "Divine Design," numerologist Gail Minogue looks at what she calls a "sacred geometry" that transforms esoteric information found in numbers into practical knowledge that can help you in your everyday life. So now that we're trying to decipher what the presidential candidates are like, what do their numbers say about them?

Gail says these are the top candidates' life path and destiny numbers. By examining these numbers she is able to pin point certain leadership characteristics.

Presidential Candidates' Numbers:

Hillary Clinton
3 Life Path / 6 Destiny

  • Gift with words
  • Quick Witted
  • Service Orientated

Barack Obama
11 Life Path / 1 Destiny

  • Inspirational
  • Negotiator & Peace Keeper
  • Innovator

John McCain
11 Life Path / 4 Destiny

  • Traditionalist
  • Offers Safety
  • Advocates Security

Mitt Romney
9 Life Path / 6 Destiny

  • Humanitarian
  • Artist
  • Ambitious

About Gail Minogue:
Author and lecturer Gail Minogue helps people achieve insight into their life purpose, helps them embrace change and become master builders of their lives. Numerous business and governmental organizations, educational and spiritual institutions, as well as individuals have experienced remarkable results from her extraordinary approach. Through the use of intuition, Numerology teachings and a unique form of questioning, Gail is able to provide her clients with answers and directions than can reduce poor choices and increase positive experiences.

Gail has spent over twenty years studying Mystery School information including sacred geometry, astrology and hermetic laws. With her unique background in the financial areas as a commodities broker for 17 years and a managing director in the Far East for a Swiss textile firm, Gail is no stranger to managing the ups and downs of life and its ever-changing cycles. During this time and with the help of enlightened teachers, vast libraries and soul-searching experiences, she learned the universal laws dealing with order.

All of her studies add an inner dimension to her outstanding ability to facilitate personal growth. This highly specialized combination of practical "real world" experience and holistic inner teachings allows Gail to bridge the two worlds. She is dedicated to helping people recognize their true value and maximize their talents and skills. Gail travels worldwide with her workshops, lectures and guest appearances. She is the author of her newly released book "Divine Design-How You Created The Life You Are Living."