Winter sports workout from home

January 16, 2008 5:59:55 PM PST
Look like you just came from the slopes without leaving your living room!

Our next segment involves suggestions for an exercise program and as you know, before starting any kind of exercise, you should check with your physician.

With all the snow we've gotten recently in local mountains, winter sports are on many folks' minds, but you can get the same benefits from skiing, snowboarding, and skating at the local gym, or even in your own living room! Here to show us was crunch fitness instructor, Roberto Melani!

  • Cardio-sculpt class focuses on strengthening and conditioning
  • Uses the Bosu ball for balance and working your core, simulates the balance required for snowboarding.
  • With the gliding discs, you mimic the motions for skating/skiing, which is a great strengthening move for the legs.
  • This workout is a good way to get or stay in shape for a season of winter sports so you'll be ready when you really hit the slopes (or you can just look like you did).

    * This class is offered in San Fran at Crunch - Chestnut, Hills Plaza and New Montgomery. Go to for schedule and locations.