Snow advisory for Bay Area mountains

January 22, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Another day of chilly temperatures, and the fresh blanket of snow that's covering some of the Bay Area's hills and highlands.

For those only needing to make a short drive, the low lying snow is hard to resist -- but it can also be hard to live with.

Earlier on Tuesday, 2,600 customers are without power in the Santa Cruz County area. PG&E says that number has been reduced to 75 households. The evening commute on Highway 17 was good, but what a day this Tuesday turned out to be.

You can tell the people who live on Skyline Blvd by their cars. They have snow on the roof and chains on their tires and as Lisa Martin will tell you, no power.

"Actually my husband was going to shower at somebody's house down the road but can't get down Skyline either," said Skyline Blvd. resident Lisa Martin.

Conditions are so bad with downed trees and power lines, if you're not a resident, Skyline is closed -- and if you are, the challenge is getting out.

"You can see where my husband tried to drive the car out, it skidded," said Skyline Blvd. resident Vanessa Weiss.

Firefighters at Saratoga Summit are keeping busy responding to calls for help.

"As far as we know it's going to be like this all week, maybe lighten up this weekend so we'll be prepared for it all week," said Cal Fire firefighter Ryan Wake.

The problem is the crowds of people coming to play. The parking lot at Highway 9 and Skyline Blvd. resembles a snowy daycare center.

"We heard about the accident on Highway 17 so I said let's shoot up nine and then do nine and then we saw all the families here and I said perfect," said Bob Douglas from San Jose.

The snow couldn't be more perfect for the Keller boys. Since they're twins it's not surprising they both like to eat snow but their reviews differ.

"Yummy," said one brother.

ABC7's Karina Rusk: "What does it taste like?"

"Sugar," said one brother.

ABC7's Karina Rusk: "What does it taste like?"

"Chicken," said the other brother.

Flavor aside the snow just seems to spark smiles. We found a happy snow angle, a smiling snowman and a grinning snow bear.

Only misdirected snowballs promoted a frown from the Highway Patrol.

Even people like Lisa Martin, who have to live with the power outages and icy roads, decided she was safer at home today than driving to work.

"The conditions are not good, it's beautiful we'll take a snow day and play in the snow," said Martin.

A lot of people stayed in today, and from San Jose to Skyline Blvd., there were six Caltrans vehicles and four of those snow plows are they may be used overnight.