Easy, delicious lobster cake recipe

January 21, 2008 4:42:33 PM PST
Learn how to prepare a Maine lobster cake without a big hassle in the kitchen.

No fuss lobster cakes! It is possible to prepare an extra special dish with very little hassle in the kitchen. The owner of the Old Port Lobster Shack, Russell Deutsch, showed us how to make a simple delicacy.

Old Port Lobster Shack website: www.oplobster.com

Old Port Lobster Shack Lobster Cakes
5 pounds of lobster meat
1 tablespoon of old bay seasoning
½ tablespoon of chopped garlic
½ tablespoon of black pepper
½ tablespoon of salt
2 roll of Ritz crackers (crushed)
2 cups Panko bread crumbs
4 eggs
½ tablespoon yellow mustard
3 tablespoons of Best Food's mayonnaise

Wear gloves and chop Lobster Meat with knife into very small pieces. Then mix into the lobster meat, all of the seasonings (Old Bay, garlic, salt, pepper, panko, eggs, mustard and mayonnaise). Then form the meat into lobster cakes.

In a separate bowl, crush the ritz crackers. Take the lobster cakes and roll the cakes into the cracker crumbs. Place cakes on a cookie sheet. Once completed, then fry both sides of the cakes in a pan with hot canola oil. Then finish off in a 350 degree oven for 8 minutes.

About Russell Deutsch:
The origins of the Old Port Lobster Shack actually arose serendipitously through a fated meeting resulting from a bumped plane ride. Paul Blatt, a friend of the Old Port Lobster Shack's owner, Russell Deutsch, sat next to a woman named Lynn Brown on a plane ride to Washington D.C. The two hit it off and exchanged numbers. That night, when Paul got home, he called Russell and told him "I just met your future wife." Russell grew up in the Boston area and was in the lobster exporting business. Lynn was born and raised in the Bay Area. Russell called Lynn several times and she eventually flew to Boston to meet him in person. Thirteen weeks later, at a surprise birthday party for Lynn, Russell gave her the ultimate birthday gift: a proposal for marriage. Delightfully, she accepted and Russell relocated to Redwood City.

About The Old Port Lobster Shack:
With his extensive experience in the lobster business, Deutsch came up with the idea of opening a New England-style lobster shack, which would fill a void in the San Francisco area. In January 2006, the Old Port Lobster Shack opened its doors and business has been great ever since. Deutsch imported many items from Maine and Boston to create a very unique New England port/harbor-style atmosphere, including the tables and benches, buoys hanging on the walls, fishing nets, a mini lighthouse and more. Great-tasting authentic New England-style seafood, a fun casual atmosphere and great customer service have made this restaurant a favorite destination for many people on the Peninsula. Besides lobster, the Old Port Lobster Shack provides an assortment of other wonderfully fresh seafood, such as shrimp, clams, mussels, oysters, sandwiches, seafood salads and clam chowder. Nevertheless, lobster is king. To really enjoy lobster at its peak, it must be eaten fresh. Freezing the lobster toughens the meat. Old Port Lobster Shack flies in fresh lobsters several times a week. Be prepared to eat the freshest lobster on the West Coast!