Broken mirrors reflect badly on business

January 21, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
The old superstition says a broken mirror brings seven years of bad luck. However, 7 On Your Side found one consumer who really hopes that's not true.

It's an unbelievable story. An Oakland woman orders a bathroom vanity that was fine, except it has a broken mirror. She had it replaced, but the next one was broken too. So was the one after that, and the one after that. Upon reflection, we decided that was enough bad luck.

Diana Chow of Oakland ordered a double vanity set from a company called Vanity Solution of Florida. When it arrived, she saw that one of the mirrors had broken.

"It's an obvious chip, you can totally see it," says Diana.

So, Vanity Solution shipped her another mirror. And what happened this time?

"It was cracked into three pieces... like totally broken," says Diana.

So again, Vanity sent here a new mirror. Surely the third time would be the charm, right? Wrong.

"The third one arrives shattered in the box," says Diana.

Again the broken mirror went back to Florida and again a new shipment arrived. This time the item wasn't broken, but it wasn't a mirror either.

"I was like, what is this?" says Diana.

It was actually a vanity countertop. A lot of people might have given up at this point, but not Diana.

"In the meantime, we were just using one side of the bathroom," says Diana.

The fifth package arrived. This time it was a mirror, or at least it once was a mirror.

"The glass was shattered. It was all over the place. It was in small pieces. When I opened it, it was all over the floor," says Diana.

Diana had had enough. She called 7 On Your Side and we contacted Vanity Solution. The company did come up with a better vanity solution -- no more shipping. Instead, Diana took the mirror frame to a glass shop and finally a year-and-a-half after she ordered it, the set is complete.

Vanity Solution said it tried three different shippers and lots of packaging to get that mirror to Diana safely, but shipping a fragile mirror 3,000 miles from Florida to Oakland presented too many chances for it to break. Vanity did agree to pay the cost of getting Diana's mirror repaired locally.

Since our inquiry into Diana's situation, Vanity Solution told us it has stopped sending mirrors all the way across the country. It does still ship sets that don't have mirrors.