Places to eat, see and shop

January 24, 2008 4:54:13 PM PST
Discover some of the best places to eat, shop and see with your kids in the city.

Moms are always out and about in the city and looking for original and fun places to eat, shop and see with their kids! Well, we have a few hip suggestions that you don't want to miss. Here with us to share is the publisher of Todo guide book, Kiri Henderson.

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Places Featured Today:

Toy Boat Café
Inner Richmond area
401 Clement St.
San Francisco, CA

  • Kitschy environment featuring toys and memorabilia that kids love and parents remember.
  • Notable shop feature: mechanical pony with leather saddle; collections of Pez dispensers and promotional dolls from movies you forgot were ever made, such as Harry and the Hendersons.
  • Feature pies, cakes, and ice cream. One of few places in San Francisco to get Egg Crèam
  • We recommend the made on premises ice cream sandwiches and Hanna's Molten Chocolate Cake.

St. Francis Fountain
Mission District
2801 24th St.
San Francisco, CA

  • Restored Soda Fountain: high wood paneled booths and telephone booth, originally opened in 1918 taken over by new management in 2002.
  • Hipster wait staff; friendly and helpful service.
  • Retro candy and toys. For example: Garbage Pail Kids Trading Cards.
  • Fun menu items: Nebulous Potato Thing, Chef's Mess; many vegetarian options.
  • TODO recommends for breakfast, brunch or lunch; watch out for the mid morning wait on the weekends though.

Yummy Yummy
Inner Sunset area
1015 Irving
San Francisco, CA

  • Vietnamese restaurant in the Richmond.
  • Name with unquestionable appeal.
  • Big bowls of Pho (noodle soup), fresh crab right now, and it's perfectly appropriate to slurp your soup.
  • A way for parents to satisfy their taste buds and those of their children.

Circus Center
Web site:
Upper Haight near Kezar Stadium
755 Frederick St.
San Francisco, CA

  • Have been teaching circus arts to children for over 20 years.
  • Offer classes to children and adults; even have preschool acrobatics for children as young as 18 months.
  • Own and operate an actual circus: New Pickle Circus.
  • Classes include: Chinese acrobatics, trapeze, tumbling, contortion, juggling, and clowning.
  • Operate the Clown Conservatory: a 1 year training program.
  • Also run a summer circus camp for children 7-15 (week or more stay).

A-MAZE-ing Puzzles
Corona Heights
199 Museum Way
San Francisco, CA

  • Temporary exhibit at the Randall Museum.
  • Engages both children and parents in brain teasing puzzles.
  • formed as a giant maze, puzzles are dispersed throughout.
  • Puzzles include: untangling circles, pyramid building, finding hidden words.
  • Open through May 1st 2008; admission is free, but a donation is recommended.
  • Other exhibits: Live Animal Exhibit with tide pool creatures, also ceramics, art and woodshop studio.

Pika Pika
1581 Webster Street, Suite 185
San Francisco, CA

  • Newly expanded in Japantown.
  • Based on Purikura.
  • A number of photo booths each with it's own theme: pop star, angel?
  • kids and parents can draw on the photos digitally or add cartoon characters to the photos before printing.
  • Produces tiny picture stickers that can used to decorate cell phones, wallets, bedrooms.
  • Serious addiction in Japan.
  • Parents can also have passport photos taken or pictures developed. Also can create a stamp to mark golf balls with.

Le Video
Inner Sunset
1231 9th Ave.
San Francisco, CA

  • Arguably the best video store in the city, started as all French films.
  • Stock of over 50,000 titles, a few thousand in the kids section.
  • Extensive kids collection of titles, Family, Disney, Enfante (French children's section).
  • Obscure, international, rare films (Esoterica).
  • Very knowledgeable staff are there to help you find your way.

1161 Gorgas
San Francisco, CA
For Reservations: (415) 441-1777

  • Not for children, definitely for a parent's recovery time.
  • 13,000 sq foot spa in a renovated army barrack in the presidio.
  • Have luxurious versions of traditional spa treatments, but also offer acupuncture as well as workshops and lectures on health and wellness.
  • Also, have more romantic options such a room-for-two Onsen bath followed by side by side massage treatments, or more practical Couples Custom Path (a wellness coach supervised plan addressing dietary health and stress management).