Rash act after worker thinks jobs is lost

January 23, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Revenge is anything but sweet for a woman in Florida. She is under arrest after admitting to wiping out seven years of files from her company's computer system.Marie Cooley of Jacksonville was scanning the want ads, saw a job posted, thought it was hers, and concluded she was about to be fired. Cooley even confronted her bosses, but did not believe them when told the open job was not hers.

"She felt she was going to be fired, and she did not want to give them the luxury of doing that without some consequences," said Ken Jefferson of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Department.

Cooley's unnecessary and illegal payback cost the company several million dollars, and could cost her five years in prison if convicted.

Presumably, she no longer has to worry about being fired.