Governor close to endorsing GOP candidate

January 29, 2008 7:56:09 PM PST
Governor Schwarzenegger appears close to endorsing a candidate for president, maybe before Super Tuesday.

"I'm not conflicted. I have my favorite," says the Governor.

At his annual address to the Sacramento Press Club, Governor Schwarzenegger stopped short of endorsing a Presidential candidate, but it's clear he's leaning towards his dear friend, Senator John McCain.

"I enjoy him because he also, of course, is someone who's working on the environment and believes strongly that you can have a strong economy and good environment," says Schwarzenegger.

The Governor's aides say Schwarzenegger has met with Rudy Guilani and Mitt Romney about their candidacy. However, today's gushing praise of McCain has elevated chatter in political circles that an endorsement of the war hero is forthcoming.

"I would expect he'd probably endorse McCain, sometime this week. I think it does depend on the Florida primary," says Tony Quinn, Political Analyst.

Political blogger, Bill Bradley, predicted more than a week ago the Governor would endorse McCain because the two have so much in common. Plus, the Governor has a soft spot for war veterans.

"They're both sort of mavericks. They're both entertaining characters. They're both funny guys. Both are very bright. I'm also acquainted with McCain, and I see why they get along," says Bill Bradley,

The Governor's possible McCain endorsement would be far different from the rivalry going on among his famous Democratic family.

Married to a Kennedy, three relatives endorsed Barack Obama, while three others endorsed Hillary Clinton.

"What is surprising is that, I think for the first time, the family is not in-sync," says Schwarzenegger.

Governor Schwarzenegger hopes to chat with all the Republican candidates Wednesday night when they're in Southern California for the GOP debate.