Your child's hidden talent

January 30, 2008 8:55:01 PM PST
Discover your child's hidden talents through face reading. What your child's face can reveal about her future.

Can face-reading help you understand your child, and reveal valuable clues to his or her future? Author of "You Can Read A Face Like A Book," Naomi Tickle, says yes.

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Naomi Tickle's Bio:
Naomi Tickle is a face reading expert, career and personal development coach. She is the author of You Can Read A Face Like A Book and Closing The Sale. She was first introduced to Personology (face reading) 22 years ago. Amazed by the accuracy, Naomi felt this was an opportunity to help others to better understand themselves and the people they meet with. Her book is used as a tool for communications, understanding children, relationships, team building, sales, career guidance and personal development. Naomi has given workshops and lectures to AT&T, IBM marketing division UK, National Semiconductor, College and Orthodontist conference, Keynote speaker at Real Estate retreats and Coaching conferences plus many more.

During the last six months I have conducted some blind studies with career counselors to see how my computerized career program compares with the more traditional tests. I match exactly for both careers and personality assessment. The major difference is that I only ask five questions and the assessments are made from photographs. There are probably more questions than you need, so just select the ones that fit the interview. I would like to stress the soft science to this approach to understanding people. Also the significant benefits it can bring to finding a career direction and improve personal relationships. My focus is on helping teenagers, college students and people in career transition find a career they really enjoy. Many of their gifts and innate abilities can be seen at the time of birth. I believe if more parents had a better understanding of their children, they could channel their abilities in the right direction. This is an ideal tool for relationships. So many fail today, I believe the more we know about each other before moving in together, it would avoid many of the hurt feelings and disappointment experienced today. I have a new service, Check out Your Date. This is not a dating agency, the main focus will be understanding the strengths and challenges in relationships.