Organizing tips for busy moms!

January 30, 2008 7:14:34 PM PST
Get organized! Tips to help busy moms stay sane while on the go!

Founder and CEO of, Amy Keroes, has some handy tips for busy moms to help you stay sane while on the go.

You would think that the question of whether working moms can "have it all" has been asked and satisfactorily answered by now. Unfortunately, modern working moms continue to struggle with the daily juggle of their work and family lives. Whether you can "have it all" certainly depends on your expectations and your definition of "it all." But, if it simply means being a productive professional and a present parent, it is without question achievable. That doesn't mean it is easy. Here are some practical tips for making work - work.

  1. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS & LOSE THE GUILT. Expect to feel perpetually conflicted and unprepared. Everyone talks about finding the perfect balance between work and home, as if there were such a thing. There isn't. In fact, it's certain that the day you have a big meeting, you will find spit-up on your suit. And the minute you begin a critical conference call, the day care center will surely ring on the other line to tell you that your baby is running a fever. Somehow knowing it's coming helps.

  2. FIND FLEXIBILITY WHEREVER YOU CAN: A recent PEW study suggests that over 60% of all working moms would like to work part-time. If you are among them, inquire about reduced hours, flextime, job-sharing and telecommuting options. Whether you can pull it off on a regular or merely a periodic basis, anything you can do to introduce a little flexibility in your work life helps make it all a bit more manageable.

  3. GET ORGANIZED: When you eliminate clutter, set up simple routines and plan ahead, chaos becomes far more manageable. Modern parents are multi-tasking machines, but even those who are super-skilled in the fine art of juggling will drop a ball from time to time. Keep fumbles to a minimum by relying on lists: Grocery lists. To do lists . Not to do lists. To delegate lists.

  4. STAY CONNECTED: Formally or informally, on or offline, find a group of similarly situated parents you can turn to for support, advice and commiseration. A glass of wine with an empathetic friend can do wonders for a worn down working mom.

  5. TAKE SHORTCUTS: Over-extended, exhausted working moms need to live by these mottos: Less is more; Time is money; Just Say No; Nobody's Perfect. Our specific tips for shortcutting everything: shop online; buy in bulk; order take out; and get as much help as you can possibly afford.

  6. TREAT YOURSELF: All new moms neglect themselves so much that they often forget what their guilty pleasures even are. When you're at the point when your commute feels like a reward, give yourself a nap, a date night with your partner, a trip to the gym, a personal shopping spree, or, at the very least, a healthy-sized piece of chocolate.


Amy Keroes' Bio:
Amy Keroes is the founder and CEO of, a smart, helpful and entertaining website for working moms. Before she started the popular new website, she was Senior Corporate Counsel for Gap Inc., where she managed the Company's intellectual property litigation and all advertising and marketing related work. Amy also managed Gap's entertainment related legal work, including the contract negotiations with Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker. She lives in Mill Valley, CA with her husband Jeff, her seven year old son Matty and her 4 1/2 year old daughter Jessie.