All natural kids' skincare

January 31, 2008 6:21:09 PM PST
Kid-friendly skin care products that don't contain toxic chemicals!

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To download a list of "Toxic Bad Guys," click here. (PDF document)

Some Interesting Facts

  • According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) only 11 percent of all ingredients in personal care products are tested for safety.

  • The FDA does not have a permanent approval system for ingredients in cosmetics. Cosmetics are not regulated before they are put on the shelves. If anything controversial does arise they will then go and pull products and the do testing. For example: there was an incident where too much lead in a couple of lipstick brands was exposed. The FDA then went and pulled the lipstick and conducted testing.

  • All sunscreen must meet regulatory requirements and is tested because it is considered and over the counter drug. Anything that makes a claim to prevent or cure something is strictly regulated by the FDA. Sunscreen claims to prevent sunburn therefore it's regulated. Advil claims to get rid of aches and pains therefore it's regulated.

    About Jennifer Adams, CEO TruKid
    When she first explored the idea of creating a children's skincare product line, Jennifer Adams Bunkers is a mother of six, and serving as CEO of her international products manufacturing company, Velocity Source Group. As one can imagine, such a busy lifestyle left little time for a complicated regimen when it came to keeping her children's skin protected and healthy. But with a couple of them participating in various sports teams and events, and the rest spending plenty of time under the sun through other outdoor activities, Jennifer realized that using skincare products on her children was absolutely necessary. But that's much easier said than done-how could she make sure that all six kids were protected?

    There weren't a lot of children's products on the market for her to choose from, and a lot of the stuff out there was chemical-filled and unhealthy, or smelled "yucky" according to her kids. While Jennifer was hesitant to use those products on her children, the straw that broke the camel's back was when she found them playfully applying her wrinkle cream. She realized that a concoction used to zap crows' feet probably wasn't very suitable for their youthful skin, so she set out to make something that was. Using only natural ingredients, and essential oils to make scents that children love, she created an easy system, made up of products accompanied with fun songs and poems, that kids would want to use themselves. The rest as they say, was [TruKid?] history.

    When it came to developing an effective and reliable product line, Jennifer was able to use her fifteen-plus years of experience in sourcing, product development and manufacturing. Before launching TruKid?, Jennifer created two companies and acted as CEO to both. In addition to Velocity Source Group, she founded Funopolis, a toy company that sold products to stores nationwide. Furthermore, she has won a number of Parents' Choice Awards for her children's products. Jennifer's story poses one question over and over again; how does she do it? Her answer is simple; because she believes that she can. (It doesn't hurt that she has an uncanny ability to deal with stress and chaos). But most importantly, Jennifer is able to juggle all of this because she's doing what she loves, whether it's taking care of her family or developing the products for her company. As for what comes next, Jennifer has plans to launch the TruKid Foundation? this fall. The Organization will be for kids, by kids, and it will focus on charity work around the Bay Area, including product donations, outreach activities, and educational projects-all of which will work towards fulfilling the TruKid? mission of helping children learn to care for themselves, each other and the world around them.