Tierra Rogers returns to play basketball

February 1, 2008 12:15:33 AM PST
Tierra Rogers returned to play a basketball game at the school for the first time since her dad was killed at half-time earlier this month.

The loudest cheers were for Tierra Rogers, the 17-year-old student with probably the most on her mind.

"We like to wish her the best. I think she lives and goes by what her father believes--going to school and still competing," said family friend Rudy Russell.

On Thursday, she played the first home game since the night almost three weeks ago when her father was shot to death outside sacred heart school during half-time. Thirty-nine-year-old Terrell Rogers was an anti-violence activist.

Police think he was targeted by someone with a grudge against him. So far, no one's been arrested.

At the game there was a noticeable police presence courtside and around the school.

More than 300 people filled the bleachers. While this was not one of the largest crowds for a weeknight home game, spectators wanted Tierra Rogers to know they were here to support her.

"I think she needs it. I think the family needs it. I think the school needs it and I just want to be part of that," said family friend David Mark.

Members of her family sat behind her in the stands and watched sacred heart win tonight.

The tragedy is getting national attention.

The story of Terrell Rogers devotion to his daughter is featured in the current issue of "Sports Illustrated," which talks about Tierra's desire to carry on.

"She's going great. She was back at school the first day after the service. She's been doing great in the classroom, all the teachers have been saying great things about her," said Tierra's coach Brian Harrigan.