Kennedy visits Bay Area to support Obama

February 4, 2008 8:45:30 AM PST
Senator Ted Kennedy stumped for Barack Obama in the East Bay Friday. He spoke to a packed Church on Oakland's Telegraph Avenue as people lined up for hours just to get in.

The line stretched down the block and some who waited the longest told us they did it not so much to hear Senator Edward Kennedy, but to show support for Senator Barack Obama.

"California cares about him and we want hom to go all the way," says Melanie Knight, Concord.

Senator Kennedy spoke to an overflow crowd, saying Barack Obama will continue the civil rights legacy of his brothers President John Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

"Someone who can electrify this nation and get us back to the march of progress of economic and social justice" says Kennedy.

In a predominantly Black church in Oakland, Barack Obama has a solid following, but in the Nevada caucuses Hillary Clinton showed she has a lot of support among Latino voters.

"In Illinois, where there is a large Latino vote, he (Obama) got 75 percent of the Latino vote, so it's really a question of time and that they will gradually support him as they get to know him more," says Kennedy.

Kennedy said that Barack Obama's campaign has the momentum and also has a new TV ad that takes full advantage of the endorsement of not only Senator Kennedy but former President Kennedy's daughter Caroline.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is putting out their own ad, touting the endorsement of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Caesar Chavez' grandson.

On Friday, Chavez's nephew was in the Bay Area with Kennedy endorsing Obama abd we're going to see the Kennedy and Chavez family play out their endorsements on TV.

On Saturday, John Kerry will be in San Jose and San Francisco campaigning for Obama. And on Super Bowl Sunday, Oprah Winfrey will be campaigning with Caroline Kennedy and Michele Obama in Los Angeles.