Pinole council members up for recall

February 5, 2008 8:29:34 AM PST
The hottest local race in the county may be in the city of Pinole, where two city council members are the targets of a recall effort.

Two of the five city council members are being put up for recall. Maria Alegria and Stephen Tilton are accused of acting against the majority will of the people.

Recall supporters point to Alegria and Tilton's vote not to renew the former city manager's contract. Both Tilton and Alegria claim another councilwoman threatened to have them recalled if they didn't change their vote. Councilwoman Mary Ann Horton denies making the threat.

They are also accused of giving preferential treatment to a local business man accused of defaulting on $400,000 dollars in loans. A local fire official stepped forward on their behalf. That fire official has a contract that is going to be renegotiated later this year.