San Jose Sharks: The 500 Club

February 11, 2008 7:23:12 PM PST
The Sharks are fighting it out for 1st place in the Pacific Division and this has been a season of milestones for the men in teal.

The number 500 seems to be popular with the Sharks this year.

Earlier this season, Sharks Jeremy Roenick scored his 500th career goal. It meant the world to him.

"500 is a magical number. Its a great accomplishment. We've had some pretty nice things happen here this year," says Jeremy Roenick, Sharks Center.

Saturday night against Nashville, coach Ron Wilson won his 500th career game. He is only the 11th coach to achieve this Milestone. He went to Disneyland to celebrate.

"I was thinking to get 500 wins so I can spend time with my granddaughter."

Coach Wilson wanted the puck to commemorate the occasion, but Christian Erhoff flicked it into the stands.

"We were kidding him today saying he intended to throw it to me, but he missed by 30 feet like one of his shots," says Wilson.

"Everyone was yelling at me from the bench and I threw the puck to a fan. It didn't go over too well," says Erhoff.

Luckily, they got the puck back and the coach was relieved.

"I'm glad they got it back for me. You would have had to buy it on eBay, maybe for 500 bucks," says Wilson.

Joe Thornton is one assist away from joining his coach and Jeremy in the 500 Club. It has been quite a year of milestones for this franchise, but all three would trade in their 500 Club memberships for one thing.

"I'd give up every point I've ever scored in this league to win that Stanley Cup," says Roenick.