Breast reconstruction after cancer

February 13, 2008 5:19:53 PM PST
For women facing breast cancer, the uncertain future can be frightening and frustrating. However, an informational DVD is providing comfort and helping women face their fears. It's titled "Breast Reconstruction: Know Your Options, A Guide For the Woman With Breast Cancer." The creator of the DVD, Dr. David Moorwood and the host, Dina Eastwood, were here to tell us more about it.

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There are four major issues in breast reconstruction:

  1. The type of breast reconstruction (implants, latissimus flaps, and abdominal flaps)
  2. Consider opposite side breast surgery (women want harmony, balance, and symmetry)
  3. Timing - immediate or delayed reconstruction
  4. Nipple reconstruction - a woman may choose reconstruction with her own tissue

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