Dump your trainer

February 20, 2008 8:50:57 PM PST
Don't waste your time or money on a trainer, shed unwanted pounds on your own. Here to show us how, were the authors of "Dump Your Trainer," certified personal trainer, Ashley Marriott and Dr. Marc Paulsen.

Web site: www.dumpyourtrainer.com

Ashley Marriott's Dance Fitness DVD's: www.burnnfirm.com

Dump Your Trainer by Dr. Marc L. Paulsen and Ashley Marriot shows readers the simple and fun way to get fit without wasting time and money on personal trainers.

Today's world is so busy that often people rely on personal trainers to help them lose weight. But many trainers often do more harm than good and can actually be counterproductive, say Dr. Marc Paulsen and nationally recognized personal trainer Ashley Marriot, in their tip-packed guide, Dump Your Trainer.

In clear, easy-to-follow prose, the authors explore the myths and misinformation about personal trainers. Trainers, they suggest, are more focused on churning time on exotic and often silly muscle building routines that paradoxically burn very little calories while wasting the client's limited time. Instead, readers are advised to take control of their own health. Filled with fitness plans, cartoons, shopping lists and delicious recipes like garlic steak and salmon teriyaki, this handy book also provides a 21-day "dump your trainer" fitness plan which can help readers lose those unwanted pounds fast.

Does this plan work? Dr. Paulsen is proof that it does. He lost over 50 pounds in six months and has kept the weight off for over eight years - which makes this must-have guide as much of a daily requirement as a vitamin!

About the Authors:
Marc Paulsen, M.D. is a graduate of Stanford University Medical School . His practice has included emergency medicine, general family medicine and occupational medicine. A member of the American Academy of Sports Medicine, he is also a former Medical Director of the exercise science lab at Orange Coast College in California .

Ashley Marriott is a dancer and choreographer. She is also a dynamic, nationally acclaimed, and sought after fitness instructor and personal trainer. She is the creator of the revolutionary DVD dance fitness series "Burn 'N Firm," by Ashley Marriott.