Vallejo car chase nearly ends in tragedy

February 20, 2008 7:40:28 AM PST
In Vallejo, a man was rudely awakened by an unoccupied car crashing outside his bedroom window. That was followed by heavily-armed police going door to door looking for suspects. The suspects are still at large right now.

The car stopped just feet from where Larry Oraboni was sleeping.

"I was sleeping on the other side of the window, looked through the blinds, I saw the car coming to the curb and I got up and just ran," said Larry Oraboni, house hit by car.

"You just ran?" asked ABC7's Terry McSweeney.

"Yeah," said Larry Oraboni.

About 3:00am police received a call that somebody was trying to steal hubcaps off a car on Skyline, a couple blocks from the home. When officers arrived on the scene, the suspects took off in a Buick station wagon. As the Buick was fleeing it came down a street and smashed into a car.

"I heard a bang, and honestly, I knew it was my car because the banging was loud. I looked out my window and saw my car about 10 feet away from where I parked it," said Ashley Daniels, car hit in crash.

The two suspects jumped out of the car after being slowed by that crash. When it hit Mr. Oraboni's house, nobody was inside the vehicle.

"I still can't believe it, I'm in shock right now," said Larry Oraboni.

Police say they have found evidence inside the suspects' car that they had committed robberies before and they are looking for them right now.