Exercises for toning your thighs

March 4, 2008 6:21:56 PM PST
Fear your summer shorts no longer! It's time to get firm and fabulous! Fitness expert and personal trainer Dede Tabor shows us a workout routine to help get our thighs toned!


  1. Side steps with exercise band. This works your lower gluteus maximus (bottom).
  2. Kickbacks with exercise band. Works your bottom.
  3. Side leg lifts with band. Works your upper hips.
  4. Inner thigh pull with band. Works your inner thighs.

You can find exercise bands featured in the segment at:

Power Systems

About Dede Tabor:
Dede Tabor is a 20+ year veteran as a Private Fitness Trainer. She began her lifelong study of exercise and how it affects the human body at age 19. She was one of the original participants and winner of the Orange County Muscle Classic in the light weight division. She enjoys golf, biking, hiking, and just being outside. Dede has 5 brothers, and her father was the first man to test the space suit on Earth in 1958 as well as being a Navy jet test pilot. Her mother and father live in Alameda and she has one young daughter.

Training Philosophy:
"Vanity is good! We know that working out will make us healthy and strong but we are really doing it for one reason: to get our best possible physique at any age. My training methods include weight lifting (especially for women) and intense cardio to burn calories and fat. Everything we do during the day should involve some sort of exercise-oriented activity like taking the stairs, walking during breaks, and sitting up straight to improve posture. And always remember, it's OK to be vain, just so long as it doesn't go to our heads."

Education and Certifications:
Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from CSUFullerton making the Dean's list for academic excellence.
Emphasis in human movement
National Academy of Sports Medicine certified (NASM)
CPR and AED certified

San Francisco Bay Club
150 Greenwich St.
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 433-2200