Hippo Hex2 Driver, Metals, Hybrids

March 10, 2008 2:12:30 PM PDT
At first glance, there was no way I intended to take this driver, or fairway clubs seriously. But, Hippo Golf of the United Kingdom has a reputation for building reliable golf equipment at exceedingly affordable prices. Next, I noticed that the Hex2 comes with a shaft from Mitsubishi Rayon Golf, and they're no slouches. The Hex2 is an unheralded, more angular version of this the square headed drivers and clubs from 2007. To me, it looks like a knob from a Romulan cloaking device, but they perform well enough to stop traffic on any driving range. The driver is loud, long, workable, and predictable, with a hot face and a low, boring ball flight. It lists for less than $200---and that's on the high side. I've seen the Hex2 advertised as low at $169 on the internet.

The club even impressed David Butler. Here are the specs from his launch monitor:

Swing Speed: 101.7 mph
Ball Speed: 145 mph (that's hot)
Launch Angle: 14.4 degrees
Spin: 3399 RPM's
Carry: 236 yard average, with a long of 244
Total Distance: 256 yards

It's worth noting that that a few years ago, average players would have spent upwards of $500 of dollars for a driver with such performance To quote Butler, "If you can stand the looks of it, this is a very good deal." I agree.

And, if you're playing with people who bore you to tears, this matched set from Hippo will give you plenty to talk about, especially after you blow your ball past them all day long.