High levels of lead found in candy

March 12, 2008 8:14:42 PM PDT
Consumers should not eat two brands of candy imported from Mexico that have been found to contain unhealthy levels of lead, the Monterey County Health Department announced today.

The California Department of Public Health has determined that Tamanlorin Tamarind Candy and BarriChicle Mini Chewing Gum contain levels of lead that can cause health problems, notably in pregnant women and children.

"Lead is toxic to humans, especially infants, young children and developing fetuses, and can result in learning disabilities and behavioral disorders that could last a lifetime," Monterey County Health Officer Dr. Hugh Stallworth said.

The Southern California-based distributor of BarriChicle has issued a voluntary recall of the gum and is working with state public health officials to ensure that it is removed from store shelves.

Officials said they are still trying to identify the distributor of the Tamanlorin candy.

Anyone possessing either type of candy should discard it. Pregnant women who may have consumed the candy or parents of children who may have consumed it are urged to contact their doctor to determine if medical testing is necessary, according to the Monterey County Public Health Department.