7 cardinal sins of parenting

March 14, 2008 6:57:38 PM PDT
Have you committed the seven cardinal sins of parenting? Find out the most important things not to do, and learn how to turn things around tonight. Joining us with some expert advice, was psychologist and author of Positive Parenting With A Plan, Dr. Matthew Johnson and Ellen Walker, founder of Renewal Retreats, a non-profit designed to help parents.


7 Sins of Parenting:

  1. Too much talking, nagging and lecturing.
  2. Parental temper tantrums
  3. Tears and guilt trips
  4. Terror
  5. Inconsistency within and between parents
  6. Openly disagreeing about discipline in front of the kids
  7. Lack of reciprocity

About Ellen Walker:
Before founding Renewal Retreats, Marin resident Ellen Walker worked for over 25 years in the travel industry. After leading the west coast sales teams for companies such as Norwegian American Cruises, Royal Viking Line, Crystal Cruises, and Classic Custom Vacations, she began her own company, Fine Wine Travel. These experiences-coupled with her ongoing interest in the pursuit of health and wellness, empowerment and personal growth-led to the formation of Renewal Retreats in 2007. Ellen resides in Northern California's Marin County with her 16 year old son and their 2 beloved Weimaraners.

About Renewal Retreats:
Renewal Retreats provides education and enlightenment via programs and experiences designed to enrich minds, bodies and spiritual well being. Nurturing environments are carefully structured so that individuals and families learn the habits necessary for enjoying healthy relationships with the self, with others and with one's community. As a 501(c)(3) not for Profit Corporation, it aims to help others live more integrated and effective lives. As such, it puts aside revenues in order to make programs available not only to those who can afford them but also-based on specific screening and qualifying criteria-to those who might normally find access difficult due to financial pressures. For more information go to www.renewalretreats.org.

About Dr Matthew Johnson and FAMILY Rules
Dr. Matthew A. Johnson ("Dr. J.") is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked with parents and children in outpatient settings, group homes, residential treatment centers and inpatient psychiatric hospitals since 1982. Formerly the Clinical Director for Charter North Outpatient Counseling Center in Fairbanks, Alaska, he is also the President of FAMILY Rules and author of Positive Parenting with a Plan (Grades K-12): FAMILY Rules. Early in his career he noted that out of control children sent to treatment facilities would progress to the point of being discharged, only to have the parents complain a short time later that once back in the home they reverted to their old ways. Realizing that the children were thriving under circumstance that the parents were failing to replicate in the home, he was inspired to write the book in order to give them the tools necessary to win "on the battlefield of parental warfare," and maintain peace and progress in the home. He has been featured on "The Early Show", CNN, ESPN2, USA Today, and 250+ radio programs. More information on Dr Johnson is available at www.family-rules.com.