Migden's campaign comes under fire

March 19, 2008 4:36:42 PM PDT
Tuesday night State Senator Carol Migden's re-election campaign is under fire for violating all sorts of election laws. She admits the mistakes and has agreed to the largest fine of its kind in state history.

"So you need somebody that is a fighter and doesn't settle and doesn't quit, for nothing less than results," said Senator Migden.

Senator Migden agreed, Tuesday, to pay a record $350,000 in fines for violating 89 counts of the California Political Reform Act. Migden says it occurred, between 2003 and 2007 during her battle with leukemia.

"I had people that were not professionally trained, that handled some of the financial reporting for me," said Senator Migden.

Her opponent, Assemblyman Mark Leno, is now accusing her of illegally transferring nearly a million dollars from her old assembly campaign to her 2004 senate campaign fund.

"The reason for those rules is so I can't get you to max out to me for one office, six years later run for another office, move the money into the new account, ask you for a maximum contribution and cheat the limitation on contribution laws," said Assemblyman Leno.

At a debate tonight, at the Hastings School of Law in San Francisco, the candidates were asked to point out their opponent's strengths and weaknesses.

"May I ask that we don't do this?" asked Senator Migden.

Then Assemblyman Leno responded, "One of my reasons for running though is I think there are serious ethical lapses that need to be addressed and there's a better way to serve in office," said Leno.

"I'll take it now," said Migden.

Sandwiched in between Migden and Leno is former Assemblyman, Joe Nation, who is now a Stanford professor and expert on climate control.

"We're almost at a point where a couple three years, it will be just as cheap to put solar on your roof than buy from PG&E or your local utility; and until we get to that point, we need to increase subsidies," said Nation.

The candidates also addressed marital equity for the LGBT community, increasing college tuition, and rolling back Proposition 13. However, it was obvious after tonight, that there's no love between Migden and Leno.