Man goes 100 mph for 100th birthday

April 3, 2008 4:01:34 PM PDT
You that you are only as old as you feel, and life is meant to be lived to the fullest.

You'll meet a man turning 100 years young today and who piloted a boat and drove a car more than 100 miles an hour.

It was so exciting to see him break across the water, and his family says he's set a world record, and they've done a lot to commemorate the event.

There have been banners and they even have buttons that they have been wearing all throughout the day. This idea almost didn't happen ? there was one person that wasn't so excited about it.

Margaret Miller is a worrier, so when her son suggested her husband of 63 years drive a car and a boat at 100 miles an hour on his 100th birthday, she immediately put her foot down.

"Nothing could go wrong, but she worried all of her life," said 100-year-old adventurer Gordon Miller.

Gordon Miller thought it sounded like a pretty fun idea. So he and his son Fred managed to talk Margaret into letting him do it.

"I'll be very happy when it's over," said Gordon's wife Margaret Miller.

So early this morning, on Gordon's 100th birthday, he and Fred hopped into Fred's car and race down a runway at Discovery Bay at 100 miles an hour, with three generations of family members watching.

Even Margaret got caught up in the excitement.

"Fantastic, I have to admit. It was pretty much a thrill," said Margaret Miller.

As Gordon pulled up to greet his adoring crowd, this extraordinary birthday boy acted like he just taken an ordinary drive.

"I felt like I was going right down the freeway fast," said Gordon Miller.

But going 100 on the day you turn 100 is the stuff of the Guinness Book of World Records, and Fred plans to submit this stunt for consideration.

But to make it especially outrageous, they then headed to the San Joaquin River, where a boat with two 1,000 horsepower engines waited.

"It can do 140, but we are not going to go that fast," said Gordon Miller.

With Gordon again at the wheel, he hit 100 miles per hours again; gliding across the delta on what has the be the most memorable and exciting birthday of his life.

Of course, Margaret much prefers having him safely standing still on land, and what she says usually goes ? Gordon points to her as the reason he has lived such a long, healthy life.

"I've been very fortunate. I have a really good wife and two darn good kids," said Gordon Miller.

Now they are going to go back to their home in Point Richmond and have a big party. I asked him how he was going to top this off for his 101 birthday, and he just smiled and said, 'I just take one day at a time.'