Easy outdoor workouts

April 1, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Outdoor workouts you can do while your kids are at the park!

Discover some of the many workouts you can do outdoors. Easy moves that will get you in shape! Dede Tabor, personal trainer at the San Francisco Bay Club, shows us how!

Outdoor workout tips:

  1. Walking lunge with lateral twist and leg raise in back (with or without weight ball)--targets the legs, waist/core, and bottom muscles
  2. Step ups on a park bench or low stair--targets the bottom, quads, and helps balance
  3. Hop ups from a stair--intense cardio exercise targets legs and burns calories
  4. Rows with exercise bands--targets back and arm muscles
  5. Lateral twist with exercise band--targets the waist and lower body
  6. Laying leg raises with a twist on a bench--targets abdominal muscles especially lower muscles

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